Sample Plans


Consultant in Land and Housing Development

Submission of application to related government institution and agencies such as Pejabat Tanah, Majlis Daerah, Jabatan Perancang Bandar, Pejabat Tanah dan Galian etc. of the following :

  • Application of Land
  • Surrender of Land (Partial or Whole)
  • Surrender and Re-Alienation
  • Variation of Express Condition and Restriction in Interest
  • Simultaneous Subdivision and Variation of Express Condition
  • Subdivision
  • Partition
  • Amalgamation


Cadastral Survey - Land Title Survey and Strata Title Survey

  • Carrying out Land Title Survey and submission of Certified Plan to Survey Department
  • Carrying out Strata Title Survey and submission of Strata Application Plan and Strata Certified Plan to Survey Department


Topographical and Engineering Survey

  • Topographical, Detail and Site survey
  • Boundary, Right of Way, Reserve, Land Acquisition and Boundary Demarcation survey
  • Setting Out and As-built survey of building, piles, earthwork, borehole etc.
  • Topographical, route, profile, cross section, centreline setting out and as-built survey of the following job:
    • Road
    • Water Pipeline
    • Waterworks
    • Railway
    • TNB Transmission Line
    • Gas Pipeline


Data Conversion

Conversion of hardcopy map/plan by scanning and digitizing. Output can be in various forms of maps, plans or digital data.


Underground Utilities Detection and Mapping

Detect, survey and map underground utilities such as cable, pipe, gas, telecommunication etc. using Radio Detection method.


Hydrographic Survey

Topographical (onshore) profiling, bathymetric (offshore) profiling, tidal observation, current measurement, seawater temperature & salinity measurement, seabed (grab) soil sampling, seawater sampling etc.


Point Positioning Survey using Global Positioning System (GPS)

  • Setting-up network of control points
  • Real Time Kinematic survey
  • GIS data collection


Geographical Information System (GIS)

  • A system capable of integrating, storing, editing, analyzing, sharing, and displaying geographically-referenced information


Aerial Photography and Remote Sensing

  • Aerial photographs, diapositive, photo mosaic etc for project planning and analysis
  • Landsat, Spot, Radarsat, Quickbird, Ikonos remote sensing satellite data from MACRES for analysis





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